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What's Your Number? is a place to celebrate the Towson University experience and connect with TU alumni, faculty, staff, families and friends.

We'd love to hear about a special number you associate with your Towson experience, whether it's the number of your first dorm room or simply the year you graduated. For inspiration, check out the experiences and special numbers others have shared by clicking on the button below. We are excited to have you as a part of this dynamic and growing community!

What’s your number? It could be the number of your first dorm room. Or your favorite Towson player’s number. Or the number of hours you spent playing video games each week. We’re looking for those special numbers that define your Towson University experience. We also want to hear the stories behind them. It’s our way of encouraging alumni, their families and their friends to celebrate and connect over their TU experiences.

If you don’t have a special number, there’s always the year you, a family member or friend graduated from Towson — that should cover a few experiences worth sharing!