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1000000000» 1 Billion Happy Stories

I remember many happy stories from my time at Towson University (TU). My number is 1000000000 for 1 Billio...

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1000000000» 1 Billion Happy Stories

I remember many happy stories from my time at Towson University (TU). My number is 1000000000 for 1 Billion Happy Stories. That is what I do for a living is record happy stories that digitally last forever. The Towson University experience was one of the happiest times of my life! Here are two of my favorite stories to share. Story 1: At the Alpha Omega Lambda Gregg Allman Concert at TU a friend (Barry) ran over me and said, “Gregg Allman just arrived by limo he is downstairs." We went to meet Gregg Allman and welcomed him to TU. Our fraternity brothers surrounded Gregg and escorted him to the stage. The crowd was mesmerized that a star of this stature would be at Towson. I stood arm’s length away from Gregg as he played the song Melissa. I was so close that I heard the song word for word before Gregg’s voice was boosted through the speaker system. My marketing Professor swayed front and center singing every word of the song Sweet Melissa.” For a few seconds I was transported to a time I saw God from my near death experience as a teen. Flashes of future scenes in Florida appeared showing young kids playing in a yard with gently swaying palm trees. Somewhere in Buffalo, New York a thirteen year old grieved from her sudden loss of her father to heart disease. Her name was Melissa. This sweet Melissa would later become my wife. Story 2: October 1979 – It was my last semester at Towson University. My marketing internship topic and assignment was to create a Seniors Citizens’ Recognition Day at retail stores for an underserved community in Baltimore County, Maryland. I had to convince 50 retail stores to provide senior citizens meaningful discounts on products and services. I exceeded that goal and over 100 stores signed up. Seniors shopped and received discounts with many retail stores receiving raving positive testimonials. Retail stores received free publicity on radio, TV and newspapers. I received an A on the internship assignment and a happy life lesson that served me well many times in launching several successful Social Enterprise marketing campaigns. I have built upon my happy stories and experiences while at TU, and today I am CEO of Partners of the Heart. I would love to hear from fellow TU alumni and students who want to record happy stories. See All the best, Bennett “Sandy” Masin.

Sandy Masin | Graduated 1980

Alumnus/Alumna, Posted 10-22-12

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