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“We owe our marriage and our children to Towson University,” says Dan Plakatoris ’83, who first met his wi...

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102784» 102784

“We owe our marriage and our children to Towson University,” says Dan Plakatoris ’83, who first met his wife, Cathy ’83, in a business class in the fall of 1981. Class by class in the College of Business and Economics their friendship grew, and by graduation in spring 1983, they knew marriage would be their first joint venture. In honor of their wedding anniversary, Dan and Cathy Plakatoris consider their TU number to be 102784. Since that date, Cathy’s business career has flourished, while Dan has dedicated his time to raising their three daughters, Michelle, Kimberly and Lauren. A member of the alumni board, Cathy is vice president of global diversity and inclusion at T. Rowe Price, which is sponsoring a new finance lab on campus. When the couple got a call from the university asking for their support, they didn’t hesitate, especially since they knew T. Rowe Price would match their gift. “Sometimes you just have to ask people to step up. It was not a hard decision,” Dan says. “We were able to pinpoint our gift to the finance lab—that was a big thing for us. We think that understanding finances and how to invest is so important for the future of your family.” The T. Rowe Price Finance Laboratory, slated to open in fall 2012, will provide a real-time trading environment, giving students an opportunity to conduct financial research and analysis. While the couple has personal reasons to support their alma mater, they also encourage other alumni to give back to the university that continues to make them proud. Dan partly attributes TU’s growing reputation to alumni support. “I believe Towson has come a long, long way since we graduated from there. It takes money. It takes gifts from alumni like us,” he says.

Dan and Cathy Plakatoris | Graduated 1983

Alumnus/Alumna, Posted 8-31-12

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  • Your dorm room number
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  • The number of guys in your fraternity
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