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18» Wife to be!

When I was at Towson, I joined Alpha Epsilon Rho which is the National Broadcast Society. I joined the gro...

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18» Wife to be!

When I was at Towson, I joined Alpha Epsilon Rho which is the National Broadcast Society. I joined the group to meet to new people, learn more about broadcasting, and pad my resume. At the end of the year, the group held a party that I almost forgot about. I ended up showing up late and when you’re late you’re lucky to get a seat on the fringes. To my surprise there was a seat right in the middle. I grabbed a slice of pizza, sat down, and started talking with the girl next to me. Her name was Sally. We talked about all sorts of things because she was easy to talk to and was very nice. Before I knew it the party was over and I walked her over to Cook but I just couldn’t find to words to ask her out. The Christmas break went by quickly and as usual my first stop on Campus was the financial aid office to pick up my money for the semester. As I went to get in line I couldn’t believe my eyes but there she was right in front of me and I wasn’t going to blow it this time. So I asked her out. She was busy working Saturday and Friday but Thursday she was free. Now Thursday nights were sacred as I had a long standing obligation at Schafer’s but she was way too nice to risk it for another week. So we settled on Thursday, she actually picked me up and we went to Charles Village Pub for our first date. Once again she was very easy to talk to and we really hit it off and that’s where we kissed for the first time. To make a long story short, a month or so after steering me into a jewelry store, I asked her to marry me. She is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me and on October 22nd we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I never would have met her if I didn’t go to Towson. So, thanks for the memories - past and future - and thanks for two wonderful children. They are simply the best! James Darle Jones 90’ TSU

James D Jones | Graduated 1990

Alumnus/Alumna, Posted 10-18-12

Trying to think of your special number? Here are a few ideas...

  • Your dorm room number
  • Your favorite player's jersey number
  • The number of credits you earned
  • The number of games your team won
  • The room number of your favorite class
  • Your G.P.A.
  • The number of guys in your fraternity
  • The number of times you took CHEM 110
  • Your favorite radio station's call number
  • Your college boyfriend's phone number